Friday, April 17, 2009

Pomelo or Pummelo (Bamplimas)

The Pomelo or Pummelo (Bamplimas) fruits are the largest size of all the citrus fruits, and are native to South East Asia and Malaysia. The shape of the fruit is nearly round to oblate or pear shaped, and the size vary between 4 to 12 inch (10-30 cm) in wide.

The peel colored greenish-yellow or pale-yellow, and thick about 1/2 to 3/4 inch (1.25-2 cm) with a soft albedo. The outer surface of the fruit is minutely hairy with green color dotted around.

The color of the edible pulp ranges from white or greenish-yellow or pale-yellow to pink or red varies between cultivars; is divided inside into 11 to 18 segments, are very juicy to fairly dry. Few yellowish-white seeds may presents inside of each segments.

The flavor varies from mildly sweet and bland to subacid. To eat edible juicy pulp, which presents inside the segments, peel the fresh pomelos and skin the segments carefully.
[image: sliced pomelo red fruit]

Medicinal uses

A hot decoction taken from the leaf are applied on swellings and ulcers.

The fruit juice is taken as a febrifuge.

In Brazil, a cough remedy is taken from a gum that exudes from declining trees.