Sunday, March 29, 2009


Grape is an excellent fruit that can be eaten raw or used for making wine, grape seed extracts, jam, jelly, vinegar, juice, raisins, and grape seed oil.

Grapes are grown commercially in 90 countries worldwide on more than 19 million acres. Top 10 grape cultivating countries are (1) Italy 13%, (2) France 12%, (3) Spain 10%, (4) USA 8%, (5) China 8%, (6) Turkey 6%, (7) Iran 4%, (8) Argentina 4%, (9) Australia 3%, (10) Chile 3%.

Grapes can be adapted to a wide variety of soil conditions, from high pH and slightly saline, to acidic and clayey. Deep, well-drained, light textured soils are best for good-wine grapes. Highly fertile soils are unsuited to high quality wine production, since vigor and yield must be controlled. Irrigation can be detrimental to grape internal quality, and is sometimes illegal for wine grapes, but is beneficial for table and raisin grapes where high yields are desired.

Nutrition contents (per 100 gram edible portion)

GrapesRaisinsWine (100 gm = 4 oz)
Water (%)811890
Calories 6728970
Protein (%)0.62.5Trace
Fat (%)0.30.20
Carbohydrates (%)17771-2
Crude Fiber (%)< 1

Grape varieties

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